Product Manager (Payment Service Provider) - İstanbul

Referans No: HG-1613482467-2150

İş Alanı: FinTech

Şehir: İstanbul

Pozisyon Tipi: Tam Zamanlı

Eklenme Tarihi: 26-02-2021

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • You have 3+ years’ experience in PSP product management role
  • Excellent skills in writing, speaking and communication in English
  • You should follow GLOBAL examples / trends closely
  • Having successfully developed from scratch and launched at least one product in the banking, payments or fintech space is a big plus
  • You’re naturally curious about solving customer problems and can quickly follow through on your ideas
  • You’re focussed on outcomes rather than outputs and can judge a product or feature’s business viability and customer desire ability in a matter of minutes
  • You have a very good sense of UX which manifests itself in your tendency to draw a wireframe or a diagram first, and only then talk/write about it
  • You embrace change and you have first-hand experience of leading cross functional teams using agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Lean, XP)
  • You're exceptionally good at synthesizing and conceptualizing information, be it verbally or in writing. The user stories that you’ve written are a perfect example of this
  • You have written a product requirements spec for a software product at least once in your career, and consider it to be a big deal - a natural extension of your product vision
  • You're a self-starter, capable of working autonomously with minimal supervision but you're also a team player at heart
  • You thrive in dynamic, fast paced and highly ambiguous work environments where the answer to a question may not be immediately available and requires a great deal of persistence and perseverance to obtain

Job Description:

  • “Customer” will be at the centre of business so understand merchants’ needs and expectations clearly via several tools and methodologies
  • Define product requirements with the lead of customer’s “needs and expectations” in collaboration with sales teams
  • Create wire diagrams, wireframes and prototypes; write user stories and create backlog regarding the product requirements
  • Managing all related teams; operations, sales, finance; third parties and banks
  • Deliver PSP platform features that will fulfil operations and finance teams’ needs as the users of platform with a seamless experience and validate the results with these users
  • Lead agile product teams whose only target is to constantly deliver customer value
  • Drive “data-driven” decision-making framework with action items as the ultimate outcome
  • Set clear and measurable goals such as acquisition – retention – churn and support the achievement of these goals by following up metrics like CLV, related event sets as summary entire data set and processes
  • Lead related teams by providing them global best practices