Search & Selection Services

We bring you the most suitable candidates for your strategic business goals in the recruitment of
specialist, senior, and executive staff with our more than 10 years of experience, expert team across
3 branches, strong communication network, and employer brand.

Professional HR Services

We are solution partners in projects aiming at the sustainable increase in business performance and
efficiency, employee satisfaction, and loyalty.


When you have to part ways with your talents, we manage this process in the most efficient way for
all parties to improve the corporate reputation and brand reliability of your company. With our
strong staff and wide customer network, we make it easier for employees to cope with the exit
process and provide professional career coaching and consultancy support to prepare for their new

Resume and Interview Counseling

All HR professionals agree that an effective CV and interview performance positively affect the recruitment process. With our CV, Job Search, and Interview Consultancy service, we aim to enable candidates to transfer their potential more effectively, develop their professional approaches, and increase their visibility on career platforms.

On Demand Expert

We bring you together with the best experts from all industries and countries with the time frame
and flexible budgets you need.


"I would like to thank you Hugent team for successful recruitments to set up for core team in our new established Turkey office."

Emin Ergan
Rettenmaier Turkey - Managing Director

“I would like to thank HUGENT for keeping in touch with us during the candidate search process, quickly producing solutions for alternative candidates that have the qualifications we are looking for, and being result-oriented.”

Alper Vatanperver
Erikoğlu Enerji - General Manager

“When you start a collaboration with a consulting company, you actually expect it to act as an employee of your company. Introducing your organization professionally to potential candidates in the market is a very important tool for employer brand work. It should be your common goal to offer all candidates a good experience. We observed that we were able to offer this experience in different tasks we performed with HUGENT consultancy. HUGENT is an experienced business partner that we trust and enjoy working with in recruitment processes.”

Nurdan Dülger
Lesaffre Turquie - HR Director

“HUGENT is a company that we prefer to work with thanks to its competent consultants who have a correct understanding of our business dynamics and strong communication skills. HUGENT is a successful solution partner that we can easily communicate with when needed thanks to their quick and analytical approach to our urgent needs and analytical attitude in process follow-up.”

Gökçen Aslan Özşar
BRF / Banvit - HR Director

"Hugent provided me impeccable succor with clear communication and information for candidacy at BV Portföy… Professional approach and attitude of Hugent removed conventional misunderstandings and bottlenecks in the process… I am glad I had the chance to interact with them…"

Aktuğ Alimoğlu
CEO & Board Member - BV Portföy Yönetimi

“Talent acquisition is always the most critical agenda of companies. In the talent acquisition projects we carry out with HUGENT, the approaches they exhibit in reaching the candidate in the right profile, reporting, and evaluation processes are extremely professional. We would like to thank our valued business partner.”

Onur Ortatepe
Anadolu Isuzu - HR Manager

“In addition to the approaches that attach importance to cooperation, our business partnership with HUGENT has made a great contribution to the success of our processes by ensuring that we meet the most appropriate candidates in the shortest time with effective business follow-up and communication management by understanding our needs correctly. I would like to thank them for their cooperation, especially considering the sensitivity they exhibit when communicating with the candidates.”

KaleKlamp / Kale Bağlantı HR Manager

“We would like to thank the HUGENT family for their contribution during the periods we worked together, where they prioritized establishing long-term cooperation between the company and the candidates with the right matchings within both parties by considering the expectations and goals of the candidates with a fast and systematic approach in the candidate placement processes, which they initiated by first analyzing the institution, culture, and expectations from the position in depth.”

Sertaç Çimen
Ege Ev Ürünleri - HR Director

“HUGENT is a solution partner who knows and understands us as well as we do. We are very happy to have them as our reliable partner in both recruitment and outplacement processes. Convenience, trust, and sustainability are our biggest gains in every process we experienced together. Thanks to the entire team.”

Ülker Kıpçak
BorgWarner - HR Manager

“I would like to thank HUGENT company, our business partner in our R&D recruitment project, for its professional and solution-oriented approaches and successful client relations in the process. They ensured that the process was completed effectively with their experience in the automotive industry and strong network.”

Övgehan İnce
MAN - HR Manager

“We would like to thank HUGENT for bringing us together with candidates and employees who are compatible with our corporate culture by analyzing our expectations and needs correctly.”

Elif Çelikkoparan
FEKA OTOMOTİV - İnsan Kaynakları Müdürü

“HUGENT has been extremely supportive to the entire team by ensuring that we can get the most efficient result in attracting the appropriate profiles to the industry in critical positions opened in our company, identifying the needs, and providing quick feedback. Hence, we were pleased to cooperate with HUGENT.”

Murat Mustafa Özgür
Enercon - HR Manager

“HUGENT is a true business partner for us with its attentive, quick, and planned approach.”

Nilay Hanadan
Barilla - Head of HR

"Turkey is one of the key markets for DuPont. As we are running through our 2020 Growth Strategy, one of the success factors is to welcome new talents in our organization. Hugent is absolutely a reliable and valuable partner for us and we appreciate their qualified service. They provide excellent..."

Bahar Buket Süren
Dupont - Regional HR Leader

“HUGENT analyzed our expectations very well from the first day we started working together and successfully concluded our recruitment processes in many challenging positions. We would like to thank the HUGENT Turkey Team for being our reliable business partner by providing us with the best support at all times.”

Nurgün Kavlak
Axalta Coating Systems - Regional Human Resources Manager (TMEA)

“The technical adaptation of the candidate to the job, training, and experience are important; however, their adaptation to the corporate culture and team will make all the difference. It is in this small but very important detail that we both carry out successful recruitment and ensure that the candidate is a long-term and happy employee. That is where HUGENT comes in and makes a difference!” HUGENT işte tam orada devreye giriyor ve fark yaratıyor!"

Deniz Uygan
BIC Turkey - Marketing Manager Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia

“It is a great pleasure to work with HUGENT. We were very impressed that the consultant team analyzed the needs accurately and produced solutions quickly. They soon became a solution partner that really managed to make a difference. We would like to thank the entire HUGENT team for their support.”

Alper Erden
Sika Yapı Kimyasalları - HR Manager

“HUGENT has demonstrated its quality with its flawless management and support throughout the entire process from our first phone call to the signing stage. Thanks to this personal experience, we will manage our search for teammates in E-Guven together with HUGENT.”

İlker Türkoğlu
E- Güven - Genel Müdür

“E-Güven için devam eden önemli bir pozisyona aday arayışımızda Hugent pozisyonu aldığı andan itibaren sektörde bu role uygun olabilecek, aradığımız niteliklere sahip en uygun adaylarla gelerek kısa sürede doğru yeteneğe ulaşmamızı sağladı. Özellikle sürecin işleyişinde titizlikleri, takipçilikleri ve beklentilerimiz doğrultusunda esnek hareketleri çok değerliydi. Teşekkürler Hugent ekibi.”

Sinem Kıranta
Eczacıbaşı Topluluğu-Organizational Development Director

Turkish Employment Agency Istanbul Provincial Directorate

Hacımimi Mah., Lüleciler Sk., No: 4, Tophane, Beyoğlu, İstanbul
0212 249 29 87

Turkish Employment Agency Izmir Provincial Directorate

Akdeniz Şht., Fethi Bey Caddesi, No:47, 35210, Konak, İzmir
0232 441 11 03

Turkish Employment Agency Bursa Provincial Directorate

Üçevler, Esra Sokak, No:1, 16120, Nilüfer, Bursa
0224 225 15 15

Hugent Hizmet ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. operates with the permission of the Turkish Employment Agency dated 21.06.2014 and numbered 477. Pursuant to the Turkish Employment Agency Law No. 4904, no fee will be charged to job seekers and no benefit will be obtained.


This document has been issued by the Turkish Employment Agency in accordance with the decision dated 06.07.2020 and numbered 6066914 to operate as a private employment office between 18.07.2020 and 17.07.2023. Document Date: 07.07.2020 Document Number: 477.

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