Automotive and Product Design/Styling Expert

Referans No: HG-1631097652-8899

İş Alanı: Otomotiv

Şehir: Ankara

Pozisyon Tipi: Tam Zamanlı

Eklenme Tarihi: 04-07-2022

We are looking for a “Automotive and Product Design/Styling Expert” for our international customer who is one of the leading international providers of commercial vehicles

  • Successful completion of a university degree in the field of automotive / product design
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in the automotive or transportation sector and 3D design surface creation
  • Exceptionally high degree of specialization in own field of specialization
  • Provision of performance results based on professional expertise that are far beyond expectations and that can be described as outstanding and unique.
  • Strong formal understanding and a very confident design interpretation for Western European design, sound knowledge of automotive benchmarks, with a focus on core European markets
  • Reliable assessment of surfaces in terms of surface quality and proportions
  • Goal-oriented, structured and independent way of working
  • Sound and quick use of the design tools ALIAS, MAYA, VRED, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Ability to quickly create high quality CAS surfaces based on a variety of inputs including CAS and package data, renderings and sketches.
  • Knowledge of the process chain, experience in handling interfaces, e.g. CATIA, ICEM, VR software, basic knowledge of CATIA V5
  • Mastery of the performance and quality standards required in the VW Group
  • Reliable assessment of the project scope in terms of time, effort, resources and costs
  • Technical expertise in manufacturing techniques and material properties
  • Ability to work in a team and strong communication skills
  • Willingness to travel for occasional business trips at home and abroad
  • Good language skills in German and/or English
  • System knowledge:Autodesk ALIAS > excellent mastery

Autodesk MAYA > excellent mastery

Adobe Photoshop> excellent mastery

Adobe Illustrator> excellent mastery

VRED> basic knowledge

CATIA V5> basic knowledge

MS-Office software > sound proficiency



Design creation and design process:

  • Creation of design concepts in the field of exterior and interior for city buses, intercity buses and coaches of the related brands by conventional and computer-aided means according to specifications of the company design.
  • Development and elaboration of digital models and elaboration of design concepts in 2D & 3D based on the company design criteria, corporate identity, package information and drafts by the design team.
  • Supporting the digital (ALIAS) modeling and design process using high quality digital design data.
  • Completion of 3D models and preparation of surface data for the production of milling and rapid prototyping design models or for tool creation in cooperation with design department.
  • Production of conventional or digital renderings and (simple) animations for Presentation purposes (2D & 3D)
  • Compliance with the design quality requirements at the site
  • Adaptation of design concepts, ideas and surfaces to existing edge geometries / package
  • Consideration and incorporation of constructive, technical and legal specifications
  • Consideration of the technical feasibility in the design process
  • Developing and working out creative ideas and proposed solutions
  • Generating and introducing own suggestions as part of the design process
  • Implementation of the assigned tasks in the specified period
  • Continuous control and improvement of own work process
  • Confident use of presentation media and sound knowledge of their possible uses
  • Elaboration and presentation of the results
  • Responding to planning deviations (escalation management)
  • Taking actions when problems develop
  • Coordinating compromise processes between various disciplines and partners involved in vehicle development to ensure design specifications are met
  • Conducting discussions and participating in engineering process and implementation meetings

Documentation of tasks, drafts and work packages:

  • Development of design solutions and design drafts
  • Working in the department and project data archive, as well as the company data systems
  • Compilation and consideration of component data for design concept
  • Archiving of work statuses
  • Provision of design data for project partners

Müjde Özenen Cumbul

Bursa Region Director

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Position: Automotive and Product Design/Styling Expert

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